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Welcome to Reduce Footprints. I'm happy you're here! We are no longer adding posts to this blog, however, the content, accumulated over seven years, will remain available to readers. Let me show you around and give you a few tips on how to best use this site.

The purpose of Reduce Footprints is simple ... to find easy ways to live green and protect the environment.

The tabs across the top of the page will help you navigate to various collections of posts.

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Change The World Wednesday was a huge success. Each week we tackled activities which not only helped us to live greener but, when done "en masse", had the power to change the world. There was something for everyone, with activities ranging from very easy to slightly more involved. If you are looking for ways to green up your life, check out the challenges ... they are a great way to get started.

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Meet & Greet featured some wonderful blogs. If you're looking for excellent environmental blogs, check them out!

In addition to regular features, Reduce Footprints featured reviews and giveaways, guest posts, delicious recipes, and information on holistic living.

So there you are ... the grand tour.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit!