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Welcome to Meet & Greet Monday, a monthly feature designed to grow our green community.

A link-up for green blogs on Reduce Footprints Blog

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Each month (the 2nd Monday of each month), I will feature a green blog. The blog will be chosen from sites that I visit or from reader recommendations.

At the end of the feature, a link-up widget will be included. Readers are invited to list their own blog or a blog which they'd like to recommend to the Reduce Footprints' audience.

All readers are encouraged to visit the featured blog as well as blogs included in the link-up. In this way, we can support each other and grow our green community.

So let's get started ...

The Current Feature

Stay tuned ... the next feature is scheduled for February 9th.

Previous Features

The following are Meet & Greet posts listed in chronological order. Check them out and get acquainted with some great people who have fabulous blogs:

October - Save Energy, Save Money
September - Green Global Travel
August - Garry Rogers Nature Conservation
July - EcoFriendlyLink
June - USAgain
May - Urban Naturale
April - Jen & Joey Go Green
March - The Wellness Wife

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