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Welcome to Meet & Greet Monday, a monthly feature designed to grow our green community.

A link-up for green blogs on Reduce Footprints Blog

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Each month (the 2nd Monday of each month), I will feature a green blog. The blog will be chosen from sites that I visit or from reader recommendations.

At the end of the feature, a link-up widget will be included. Readers are invited to list their own blog or a blog which they'd like to recommend to the Reduce Footprints' audience.

All readers are encouraged to visit the featured blog as well as blogs included in the link-up. In this way, we can support each other and grow our green community.

So let's get started ...

The Current Feature

May - My Eco 20s & World Changing Me

Previous Features

The following are Meet & Greet posts listed in chronological order. Check them out and get acquainted with some great people who have fabulous blogs:

April - Pollution Pollution
March - Organic 4 Greenlivings
February - My Green Nook
October - Save Energy, Save Money
September - Green Global Travel
August - Garry Rogers Nature Conservation
July - EcoFriendlyLink
June - USAgain
May - Urban Naturale
April - Jen & Joey Go Green
March - The Wellness Wife

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