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Welcome to Meet & Greet, a monthly "link-up party" designed to grow our green community.

A link-up for green blogs on Reduce Footprints Blog

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Each month (the 2nd Monday of each month), in addition to giving "green" bloggers an opportunity to link up their sites, I feature one blog chosen via

The Current Link-Up (active)

November - Au Naturale

Previous Link-Ups (now closed)

The following are Meet & Greet posts listed in chronological order. Check them out and get acquainted with some great people who have fabulous blogs:

October - Save Energy, Save Money
September - Green Global Travel
August - Garry Rogers Nature Conservation
July - EcoFriendlyLink
June - USAgain
May - Urban Naturale
April - Jen & Joey Go Green
March - The Wellness Wife
Reduce Footprints is on Hiatus.
Featured Blog: Briogeo
Featured Blog: Dalara Soap Co
Featured Blog: All Natural Katie
Featured Blog: Eco Passport
Featured Blog: CelloMom on Cars
Featured Blog: Go Green Academy
Featured Blog: The Daily Green
Featured Post: Ahead of IPCC report, fossil-fuel groups organize climate denial campaign
Featured Blog: Eco Thrifty Living
Featured Blog: EcoGrrl
Featured Blog: The Squishable Baby
Featured Blog: CelloMom on Cars
Featured Blog: Eco Crap
Featured Blog: Slightly Hippie Housewife of Suburbia
Featured Site: EcoFriendly Baby Products
Featured Blog: The Greening of Westford
Featured Blog: I Thought I Knew Mama
Featured Post: DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning
Featured Post: How I “vote” with my money
Featured Site: Kristina @ The Greening Of Westford (Pinterest)
Featured Blog: Jen and Joey Go Green
Featured Blog: Soulful Lab
Featured Blog: Crazy 4 Green
Featured Blog: Eco-Crap
Featured Blog: Creative Adventures

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