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What if a whole lot of people did the same "green" activity during the same time period? Would we have a positive impact on the environment? I believe we would! That's the simple concept behind Change The World Wednesdays (CTWW). Each week a new challenge will be posted, here on Reduce Footprints ... something which is easy to do and when done "en masse" will have a positive effect on the earth. It's the idea that when a lot of little actions are joined together ... the impact can be huge. We hope to take a huge step towards saving the earth.

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We call them "rules" but actually, there are no rules ... only suggestions to make this activity successful:

  • Commit to the activity by leaving a comment agreeing to participate in the challenge.

  • Pass the word ... talk about it, email your friends and family, and/or blog about it.

  • "Up The Ante" ... If you are already meeting and exceeding the current challenge, challenge the rest of us to do better ... in other words, up the ante. For example, when we did our short shower challenge, asking everyone to spend no more than 10 minutes in the shower, readers came back saying they did better by taking only 5 minute showers ... and challenged us to do better. When we asked that everyone use no more than 6 sheets of toilet paper per trip, a reader came back saying she only uses 5. So that's the idea. Just leave a comment with the new challenge (be sure to use the words "up the ante") or drop me a line HERE and put the words Up The Ante in the subject line. As soon as I get it, I will update the challenge ... so be sure to check the post throughout the week to see if the challenges have been improved. Doesn't that sound like fun?  


What would you change?

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Planning Ahead
Good News
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A Vegan Meal
Refrigerator TLC
National Ceiling Fan Day
Hair Removal
Zero Waste Week
Food Waste Audit
Cancel Subscriptions
Preserving Local Produce
CO2 Levels
Sign A Petition
Use Counter-Top Appliances or Eat Raw
One More Green Thing
Food Waste
Imagine Green
Reduce Energy A Bit More
Take a Walk
Close The Door
Your Choice - Drive Less or Vegetarian for a Day
Widening The Circle - Water Use
Computer Use
Leave Your Shoes at the Door
$1.50 For Food per Day per Person
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Spring Cleaning
CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays (Oh My)
Water Footprint
Walking With A Purpose
Planning for Next Winter
Reduce Trash
Group Review - Body Soap


  • Want an easy way to keep up with our challenges? Just add the CTWW banner to your blog by copying the following code & pasting it into your site:

  • Have fun! These challenges are designed to teach us something and push us a little ... to challenge us to try something new. But, in the process, there's nothing saying we can't have a little fun. So embrace CTWW and have a great time!

  • Write a post about the current challenge, let us know you did by leaving a comment before 6:00 pm EST on Tuesday, or include the hashtag #CTWW in your post's title, and your article will get stumbled, tweeted, facebooked and shared on Google +. Any comments and/or posts received after that time will be shared on social media pages the following week.

  • Get your blog/site some visibility. When you leave a comment, agreeing to participate in the challenge, you'll be added to the next week's "Honor Society". Your name and a link to your site will be posted, hopefully bringing you new readers.

  • Passing the word is easy ... if you are a Twitter member, tweet about CTWW using the hashtag #CTWW ... doing so will make you a member of the #CTWW Gang giving your twitter account a mention in the next challenge.