Monday, April 5, 2010

DECIMATION by Simon Marshland

One of my favorite sites is "The New Author". The owner, Brian, not only shares information about writing, getting published, promoting, etc., he hosts a yearly poetry/short story contest for fellow authors. This year's entries were fabulous. The poem which won really spoke to me so I asked the author, Simon Marshland, if I could share it with you. He very kindly agreed. It is with pleasure that I present it here:


By Simon Marshland

Where fly our bees and butterflies
Where nest our birds of song
Who cares if our last meadow dies
Who bothers what’s gone wrong

What selfish careless things we’ve done
How deep should be our shame
Cupidity and greed have won
Base urge of the inane

This land is ours but ours on trust
Not ours to mar despoil
Ten million years turned back to dust
Two thousands wasted toil

There is still time but only just
Still time to mend our ways
And together with concerted thrust
Reverse this trend that slays

Aid the miracle of rebirth
For the children yet unborn
To shape a fresh and new Earth
With a living breathing dawn

For more from Simon Marshland, please visit his site "Simon Says".
For more information on writing, please visit "The New Author".

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