Friday, February 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time ... Hidden in Hair


The Plot

A tale of good vs. evil ... of mystery and intrigue. A story of dedication ... and triumph. Based on actual events, this story will amaze you!!

The Cast of Characters

The Innocent Victim ... played by The Earth

The Damsel in Distress ... played by Isabelle

The Bad Guy ... played by Flea

The Accomplice ... played by Feral Cat

Our Hero ... played by Art

Art's Flea Sword ... played by Flea Comb

Our Heroine ... played by Small

The Tale

Once upon a time, in a magical land called Asheville, there lived a very green family. They removed toxins from their home, shunned most chemicals and grew vegetables ... and life seemed perfect. Until ...

Isabelle, an indoor cat, wandered out to her patio. Being a pampered (aka Lazy) cat, she enjoyed sunning herself on the cozy rug which her owners provided for her and she never tried to jump the rail and enter the world beyond. She lounged while watching the birds and enjoyed her private little oasis.

One day, while Isabelle was sleeping inside, Feral Cat jumped over the rail. He wandered about, investigating everything, until Small noticed him and scared him off. For several days this went on ... Feral Cat coming in and Small chasing him out. Little did Small know that he had dark passengers.

Feral Cat eventually got the message and Isabelle again enjoyed lounging in the sun. But then ...

One evening, Art and Small noticed some strange behavior in Isabelle. She jumped from her bed and began scratching furiously. Clearly in distress, she meowed and begged for relief. That's when Art & Small noticed the dreaded ... Flea (the audience gasps).

Now Art and Small lived a green life, always trying to protect the earth ... so they weren't about to introduce toxic flea medicine into their home. They tried shampoo ... it didn't work. Poor Isabelle was suffering. Would they relent and buy her flea treatment ... or a flea collar? No ... they held firm.

Art consulted the experts (aka the Internet) and found a natural treatment ... one which would require dedication and attention to detail. He armed himself with the Flea Sword while Small heated boiling water and then, together, they began the process. Every day ... sometimes twice a day ... they combed Isabelle. In the beginning, the evil fleas would jump off her body. Small would immediately put a glass over them and then, very carefully, transport them to the bowl of boiling water where they would die instantly. After a thorough combing, Small would vacuum the entire house.

As time went on ... there were fewer and fewer evil fleas. Small and Art continued the process ... for weeks ... which turned into months ... 2 months to be exact. And finally, the fleas were beat. Isabelle went back to being a happy, pampered cat with our heroes watching closely for any sign that the evil fleas had infiltrated the border. Occasionally they breached the sanctuary walls ... but our heroes were on top of it ... launching into action at the slightest "scratch" from our damsel. And so it went ...

No pesticides were used and ...

The Earth smiled ...

The End!

Images courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti and chrisroll of and Art Ist of One A Day.