Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review - UrbanJet by Fanimation

UrbanJet in Spicy Red from Fanimation

Cute, cute, cute!!

That was my first thought when I received an UrbanJet portable fan from Fanimation. This "retro" styled fan stands just 12.2 inches high. It weighs approximately 5 pounds and has a 6-inch diameter blade. But don't let its size fool you ... this fan is powerful.

I tested it out in various areas of our home including our living room, the largest room in the house. From a distance of 14 feet, I had no trouble feeling the "wind" from this little powerhouse.

The fan comes with a long cord, making it convenient for any location. Its compact size is appropriate for table tops, counters, desks or even the floor. There are three speeds with oscillation (which can be turned on or off) and the tilt angle knob allows users to adjust the fan's direction up or down.

Here's the impressive part: This unit, while operating on high speed, uses 17.8 watts of energy. Compare that to the typical 3500 watts used by Central Air Conditioning (A/C) or the average 1200 watts used by A/C window units. Wait a minute ... fans don't actually cool the air so aren't we comparing apples to oranges?

While it's true that a fan doesn't actually cool the air, it does keep the air moving which causes quicker evaporation of moisture from our skin. That, in turn, allows our heat energy to escape quicker than normal, making us feel cooler. So, for far less energy than an A/C unit, one can feel cool and comfortable.

A fan is, inherently, energy-efficient. Fanimation takes it a step further by offering energy star rated products. They also employ "green" business practices ... in their warehouse operations they use recycled materials in product packaging and energy efficient lighting throughout the shipping facility.

Whether you're looking for a portable fan, ceiling fan (with or without lights), remotely controlled fans or even parts ... Fanimation can help. The fan that I received is high quality and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

They have a style for every taste and a fan for every occasion.

Enigma Fan by Fanimation
The Levon Fan by Fanimation
The Islander Fan from Fanimation

I love my cute Fanimation Fan. It's very "cool".

I received an Urbanjet from Fanimation in order to write this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and reflect my honest opinion of the product reviewed.