Thursday, January 30, 2014

Survey Results and 7 Tips For "Greening" Your Celebrations

January's poll took a look at the holidays and whether or not we were able to keep them green. Here are the results:

How Green Were Your Holidays

Results of "How Green Were Your Holidays" Survey

We only had 16 respondents which isn't really enough for a scientific consensus. However, I found the answers very encouraging. When asked similar type questions in previous surveys, people rarely indicated that they were doing great. This time, the majority felt that they were either extremely green or very green. No one failed and only a few felt that they dropped the ball mid-way through the holidays.

I believe that we are becoming more aware of our actions. We no longer succumb to advertisements which encourage us to celebrate at the expense of the environment. Traditions and green-living walk together to create wonderful family moments.

Can we do better? Of course! Here are some tips:

7 Tips For "Greening" Your Celebrations
  1. Plan to stay home. If you must travel, choose the most Eco-friendly mode of transportation possible. If flying (one of the least "green" methods of transportation), consider a daytime flight which is more Eco-friendly than "red eyes".
  2. Encourage your guests to car-pool.
  3. Prepare local foods and minimize the amount of meat served.
  4. Avoid disposable items like paper napkins or plates.
  5. Use CFL or LED lighting.
  6. Decorate your table using natural items such as a bouquet of autumn leaves or a bowl of nuts.
  7. If gifts are included, choose Eco-friendly items with minimal packaging ... or make gifts. Wrap them using recycled paper, beautiful scarves, towels or clothing (T-shirts make the most interesting wrapping).
Any celebration can be green. It just takes a bit of thought and planning.

What are your green tips for celebrations?

Sneak Peek: Money talks! Our next post will discuss voting for green, with our green!

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