Friday, May 23, 2014

Review - Zabada

When Zabada asked me to review some of their products, I was intrigued. Why? Because, their invitation included a video which shows customers how to use their bathroom cleaning system. Now, I'm familiar with microfibers and I'm VERY familiar with cleaning. So I was curious about just what made this cleaning system so unique that customers might benefit from a "how to" video.

So, yeah ... the glove is a unique design over the more common flat versions. But after watching the video, I was even more fascinated by their claim that the bathroom glove wouldn't transfer dirt ... even greasy dirt like lipstick. Frankly, I was sceptical.

I received the full bathroom kit which included the bathroom glove, bathroom marvel, and laundry bag.

Review - Zabada Bathroom Kit
Bathroom Glove
Review - Zabada Bathroom Kit
Bathroom Marvel
Review - Zabada Bathroom Kit
Laundry Bag

Zabada Bathroom Glove

I have mildew issues in my apartment. If you've ever tried to clean mildew off of bathroom surfaces, you know that it's not an easy job. My typical cleaning solution is baking soda with vinegar followed by vigorous scrubbing. And it sometimes takes two applications to completely get the surface clean.

After wetting the bathroom glove, I wiped the surface without using any scrubbing motions. It easily removed the mildew. I'll say that again because I was amazed ... it easily removed the mildew. Fully expecting the surface to still feel slimy, I ran my fingers over the area. No slime ... just clean surfaces.

That worked well, but how would the "no transfer" claim play out. To test it, I smeared some lip balm on the mirror and, using the side for fragile surfaces, wiped the lip balm away. The cloth left no streaks or residue, including no cloth fiber residue. Then, without rinsing the glove, I used that same side to clean another mirror. Guess what ... no transfer. None! Simply another spotlessly clean mirror.

Once I was done cleaning, the glove was easily rinsed out with water and ready for my next cleaning job. After several uses, it can be tossed into the washer, hung to dry, and it's ready to go.

Bathroom Marvel

This cloth wipes away any moisture left behind after using the glove. The idea is that bacteria will grow faster when moisture is present. So this cloth completely dries the surface.

The real benefit of this cloth will be noticed several days later when the surface remains clean (in my case, mildew free). I think that wiping a surface, immediately after cleaning, ensures that bacteria dies. By the time water again touches the surface, there are no "bugs" left. It's really a brilliant idea!

Laundry Bag

Microfiber cloths are great. But ... because of their fine weave, they will collect any lint from items they are laundered with. This huge mesh bag ensures that the cloths come out of the washer lint free and clean.

Zabada also sent me a couple of surprises: Lens Cloths and a Bamboo Towel.

Review - Zabada Lens Cloth
Zabada Lens Cloth
Review - Zabada Bamboo Towel
Zabada Bamboo Towel

Lens Cloth

Unlike the very small cloths which typically come with a pair of glasses, this cloth is a good size. It cleans perfectly and is great for glasses, cameras, computer screens, tablets, and smart phones.

Bamboo Towel

I LOVE THIS TOWEL!! Bamboo is a natural bacteriostat which means that it prevents the growth of bacteria. Bacteria is responsible for that "sour" smell which so often plagues kitchen towels. Typically, towels in my kitchen are changed every couple of days. To test this product, I hung it next to one of my towels and used them both, equally. You can probably guess, from my first statement, that the bamboo towel outlasted the regular one. In fact, it remained fresh for over a week.

Zabada products are great. Using a cloth and some water, they handle all of our cleaning needs. In addition to the bathroom system which I reviewed, Zabada offers systems for kitchens, living areas, floors, and more.

A final note, because I know that you are interested. I asked the Zabada representative for a bit more information, including where the cloths are made. Here is the answer: "The products are manufactured in Austria at the moment, primarily because Zabada's parent company is in Europe and microfiber cleaning is a relatively new trend in the U.S. The cloths are made from ultra-fine fibers cut 100x finer than human hair. Zabada implements a deep-cleaning mechanical process that shaves off and traps the dirt, grease and bacteria deep in the fiber, and only releases them when the fibers are washed. Zabada removes bacteria from a surface, rather than killing it, like harmful chemicals do."

If you'd like to try Zabada products for yourself, please visit their ONLINE SHOP.

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I received Zabada products in order to write this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and reflect my honest opinion of the items reviewed.