Thursday, June 5, 2014

How serious are you about local products?

How serious are you about local products?
Would you spend more
for local products?
I recently read an interesting Facebook discussion on our friend, Rewinn's, page. He asked if people would be willing to pay a premium for locally produced products.

The answers were interesting. Some people talked about the "catch 22" of poverty. Others mentioned the need to support local economies. As I read through the answers, I wondered if "greenies" would answer the question in a similar fashion.

We all know that local products are "greener" than products which travel across the world. But the reality is that local items are usually more expensive.

When our green ethics clash with our available income, which side of the fence do our decisions fall on?

That's the focus of this month's survey.

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Join us on June 19th for the results.

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