Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vendors who care about the earth

This post will introduce you to the companies listed on our Special Offers Page. I am receiving no compensation for this post ... I simply want to introduce you to companies doing their best to operate in an earth-friendly manner.

Every few months, I like to take the opportunity to feature vendors who are making a difference in our world. They embrace environmental sustainability and make protecting the earth the main focus of their business model.

Let's meet them:

The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide (an ebook) by Micah Toll
Micah Toll takes green transportation seriously. He discovered just how easy, and inexpensive, it is to build an ebike. Ebikes are perfect for those times when pedalling isn't enough power and a car is too much. "The Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide (an ebook)" offers readers everything they need to know to turn their bicycle into an efficient, Eco-friendly mode of transportation. Reduce Footprints readers can pick up their copy at a discount of 15% off the list price.

doTERRA - Essential Wellness Products

Essential oils are ... well ... essential in a "green" home. Some oils act as a natural disinfectant, perfect for removing mold and mildew. Others can be used in place of commercial air fresheners. They can enhance our moods and even repel bugs. doTERRA is giving readers a free sample.

Sometimes we may not "need" an item but it serves to make us happy.
Violet's Buds - Handmade Accessories For You & Your Little Flower
And happiness is important! Eco-friendly accessories for a little girl's hair can bring a smile to her face. Pretty "green" items for a home can help us feel content. And what woman doesn't feel a bit special when wearing a beautiful headband. The folks at Violet's Buds are offering us 20% off any purchase from their shop.

Paloma Pottery - Recycled Glass Products

Environmentally sound products can be both beautiful and functional. Paloma Pottery uses recycled glass to create items such as goblets, bowls, home furnishings, jewelry, and more. For a limited time, you can get 15% off your entire order.

La Francesca Eco-Resort
Vacations add vitality to our lives. More and more vacation spots are going "green". La Francesca resort is one such spot. Located along Ligurian Eastern Riviera, in a 15 hectares' protected area, La Francesca is a self-sufficient settlement. Eco-friendly accommodations offer visitors a chance to discover landscapes, scents and natural flavors. Reduce Footprints readers can get a discount of 5% to 15% off their stay in this unique resort.

Oz Fair Trade Pty Ltd, Ethical and Fair Trade Accessories, Homeware and Gifts
Using recycled products, natural dyes, and earth-safe materials is important. What if your purchase could not only protect the earth but protect the people who create the products as well? Oz Fair Trade Pty Ltd has a simple goal: to help artisans, living in extreme poverty, by providing a platform for their beautiful products. Get 15% off their Eco-Friendly product range.

The most Eco-friendly purchase is, of course, no purchase. But when we do buy a product, we have a great opportunity to support "green". There is power in our purchases.

When you choose to buy, I encourage you to support vendors who care about the earth. And, of course, check out our Special Offers Page for exclusive deals.

If you have an Eco-friendly product and would like a free listing on our Special Offers Page, please contact us at reducefootprints at gmail dot com.