Monday, November 24, 2014

Skip Black Friday and go Eco-Friendly Instead

This post introduces the companies listed on our Special Offers Page. I received no compensation for this post ... I simply want to introduce you to companies doing their best to operate in an earth-friendly manner.

Every year, I hear about "Black Friday". Not about great bargains or companies offering folks a helping hand, but rather about customers physically fighting over a limited quantity of this year's "hyped" toy or people battling for position in lines, waiting for stores to open. Stories tell of greed and selfishness ... all for the sake of "stuff".

Ironically, this happens right after Thanksgiving, a day for family and gratitude.

I propose that we take a new approach and think outside of the box.

Gifts aren't always necessary

  • Give the gift of time. Arrange a visit with your loved ones or spend an afternoon with nursing home residents who may not have family. Listen to an elderly person's stories of the past or take a walk with someone who doesn't get out much. Time is so much more precious than stuff.
  • Invite your friends and family over for meal ... or prepare a meal for a person or family in need.
  • Give a service. Offer to clean house, wash a car, or do the laundry for a loved one.

Create gifts with recycled materials

  • Fill your mason jars with ingredients for a delicious soup, stew, chilli, etc. Don't forget to include cooking instructions.
  • Use old jewelry to create unique Christmas tree ornaments or beautiful memento boxes.
  • Turn scrap material into a lovely quilt.

Buy Eco-friendly gifts

  • Look for items made with earth-friendly materials and minimal packaging.
  • Shop locally.
  • Buy quality items which will last.

Support Eco-friendly vendors

Special Offers and Discounts from Eco-friendly Vendors
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and discounts on Eco-friendly products.

By supporting companies who are trying to operate in an Eco-friendly way, we encourage all entrepaneurs to adopt "green" standards. To make that a bit easier, the following companies are offering Reduce Footprints' readers special deals on their products and services:

For details and discount codes, please visit the SPECIAL OFFERS page.

This holiday season, let's say no to Black Friday and make our gift giving truly thoughtful ... to those we love and to the planet.