Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The words of Jane Goodall

I recently read an interview with Jane Goodall. The entire interview is in the July/August, 2008, issue of Body & Soul Magazine. Here's an excerpt:

Q - What can we all do to give back and make a positive change in the world?

A - It starts very simply. Just take a little time to learn more about the consequences of the small choices you make each day. Think about what you wear. Where did it come from? Could you walk or bicycle or take public transport instead of driving? Stop wasting water and don't take it for granted. Don't leave the lights on. Consider what you eat. Where did your food come from? Does it cause huge suffering to animals? Was it the result of child labor? Did it travel far to get to you? Start caring - and start thinking.


  1. I think stressing to people that baby steps are okay is HUGE. people feel like if they dont "go vegan" and recycle everything, then it doesnt count or they arent making a difference. just like with anything, this is a lifestyle change that can be achieved through baby steps.

    thanks for visting my blog!!

  2. Hi there. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. And what a wonderful coincidence to visit yours and find that it completely meshes with where I'm at right now! I'm thinking about everything I buy - where it's from, if the packaging can be recycled, if it's ethically produced etc - and taking a much more holistic approach to living - trying to be good to me, good to others and good to the planet.

    I have subscribed - looking forward to more.