Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Practice makes perfect ...

Incorporating new conservation techniques is, like anything else, something that takes practice.

The other day we returned from a weekend getaway and, as I always do, I went in to give my cat clean water. I took the large bowl of water that had been left out for her and, without thinking, tossed it down the drain. I could have used that water on my plants (which were crying for a little sip) ... but I didn't think.

I got busy unpacking our bags ... tossing certain things in the laundry ... putting some things away in the closet ... and, all of a sudden, realized that practically every light in our apartment was on as I ran around, putting things away. Again ... I just didn't think.

It sounds simple when I hear people say that we just have to think before acting ... but the reality, for me anyway, is that it's not so simple. I seem to run on autopilot a great deal of the time.

There is hope, however. Today when I gave my cat clean water, I thought about it ... and instead of tossing it down the drain, I watered my tomato plants. It's a small thing ... but then, every little change we make helps.

So keeping practicing until the world we live in is perfect!

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