Monday, July 21, 2008

Solar Powered Tea ...

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And now ... on to the subject "du jour".

Do you love ice tea? Yeah ... me, too!

Here's a quick tip for making energy efficient iced tea. Fill a glass pitcher full of water and 3-4 tea bags (my personal favorite is green tea), or loose tea if you prefer and don't mind straining out the leaves. Cover the pitcher and set it outside where it'll get plenty of sun.

A few hours later ... or when you get home from work ... grab a glass of ice because your tea is ready. And maybe it's just me ... but I think sun tea tastes better than the conventional method of brewing.

And a word about automatic ice makers ... if you let them run, they use a lot of energy and water ... and in most homes, the cubes sit there and get that freezer burn taste. A better option is to turn on the ice maker until you have a few ice cubes ... one or two trays full ... then turn it off. Better still ... use old fashioned, do it yourself, ice trays.

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