Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Powder vs. Liquid

I'm always searching the web for new and unusual ideas on how to live a greener life. Most searches net the same list of tips. They are valuable and worthy of our attention ... but I keep thinking ... is that it? Is that all we can do? I don't think so ... but finding those little jewels of knowledge is like trying to find that proverbial pin in a haystack.

Persistence, however, pays ... and that brings us to today's post.

I've never given laundry detergent much thought beyond whether or not it contains phosphates (which, by the way, are bad for the environment). But recently I came across an article which stated that powdered detergents are better for the environment than liquid varieties. This was news to me.

Liquid detergents (and this goes for dishwasher as well and laundry detergents) are 75% water. The concentrated varieties are bit better but not by much. Liquid detergents are usually packaged in plastic which is hard to recycle. Powdered detergents, on the other hand, contain no added water and are usually packaged in biodegradable boxes or bags.

Liquid varieties are heavier than the powdered ones and that's important when it comes to travel. Simply put ... the heavier the item, the higher the cost to haul it to your grocer's shelf.

So ... it turns out that using powdered laundry detergent is kinder to the environment.

That's my little "jewel" for today!

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