Monday, September 1, 2008

Turn off the engine

Today I was at the bank ... the drive-thru window to be precise. The tellers were busier than usual and my transaction was taking awhile. I noticed that there were three other cars in line ... all with their engines idling.

At fast food drive-thru windows, it's the same thing ... orders take awhile to fill and while waiting, the line-up of cars idle away.

And what about when we get into our vehicles ... most of us start the car, then get settled. We adjust the mirror, put on the seat belt, check the cell phone ... all while our car idles ... and pollutes.

So here's an easy idea ... turn off the engine. When you're waiting for the teller at the bank or your food from a drive-thru, turn off the engine. When you get into your car, make all your adjustments first, then start the car. By the way ... at this time of year, there really isn't a reason to let your car warm up before driving away.

Pay attention to all the times that a car is idling without moving and see if the engine can be turned off at those times. Every little bit will help!

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