Friday, February 27, 2009

Comments of Note

The votes were cast and counted ... and ... we have a winner: Continue with the new "Comments of Note" format. Thank you to all who took part in the poll ... and a big thank you to all who left comments this month. Now ... Comments of Note:

From Waste-Free Lunch:

Quirky Mom said...

This is a topic I keep stashing away in my head for when my Apple starts K in a year and a half. Right now she has lunch provided at preschool, so I don't do any packing yet.

Have you seen all the wonderful handmade reusable packaging on Etsy? As on example, check out these reusable snack bags that I bought several months ago.

Heather said...

Tupperware make a lunchbox that's waste free:

My kids each have one. My son takes milk is a reusuable box in his, with half a sandwich. My daughter takes a juicebox (no, not reusable, but that's usually her only trash) and a whole sandwich. There are two more sections. Usually they have one fruit (sliced apples fit great) and a treat. My favorite part is the it fits on the edge of the dishwasher that's usually wasted to get squeaky clean.

Here's a picture of one of their lunches (although the new boxes are a different color, but they're the same size/layout):

There are more pictures of lunches in similar boxes in the Tupperware Flickr pool:

Living Green and Natural @ Delphi Forums

From Strange Bedfellows: Paper, Sugar Diapers:

sober white women said...

I had to laugh a little about bleaching. I don't bleach because I have a daughter with breathing problems.
It was not until years later that I learned how harmful bleach is. I was green and did not even know it.
When I would like something to be a little whiter I soak it in vineger water. Yes, vineger is a natural bleach.

Argentum Vulgaris said...

SF, as a chef, white flour is essential sometimes, I prefer to use wholemeal or mandioca flour.

Coffee filter is cloth, reusable, life about 18 months with twice daily usage.

Raw sugar in coffee is just great.

Try not to use those products, tea-towel has it hands over paper towels. I reuse brown paper bags to drain fat etc off food. Toilet paper IS one of the essentials, but unbleached is impossible to find in Brazil.

The clothing one is difficult too, unless you shop a chique botique which are horrendously expensive.

Smoke pipe or cigars more often than cigaretts.

Prefer brown paper bags to plastic, have a cloth shopping bag. Prefer to buy loose items than prepackaged if I can find it.


Quirky Mom said...

This is a topic I've been keen on for several years, since learning that dioxins are implicated in endometriosis (which my mother had, and I may have). I pretty rapidly did away with bleached tampons and pads (and since then have switched to a menstrual cup), paper towels, etc. I've never been a fan of bleached flour, and we rarely use bleached sugar now as well.

The thing I struggle with is finding affordable clothing that hasn't been bleached.

MaryC said...

This is a great post. I went bleach free about two years ago because of my dh and grandson who both have asthma. You can use Hydrogen Peroxide or tea tree oil to kill mold, the former to bleach clothes, clean algae from a fountain or bird bath,etc.
I hadn't considered a cloth coffee filter. That was a great suggestion by one of the posters. I'm on it right now.
Thanks Small!

Quirky Mom said...

Yep, vinegar is great for mold and mildew.

I've used 7th Gen laundry products but prefer Bi-O-Kleen. Another great option is Charlie's Soap. Oxy-Bright (I think that's the right name -- not the one on the TV ads) is chlorine-free and is good at whitening as well. But most of all, don't forget the sun! Hang your dingy stuff out to dry in the sun and you may be surprised at how good it looks after!

From 15 "Green" Tips, Hints and Interesting Facts:

cara said...

Great ideas here! Another one to add to #11 is to check out I just found out about this service-- the either pay you for your used electronic item or if it's not worth anything, they will recycle it appropriately. Paid postage! It's a win-win!

From Vegan Recipe - Lo Mein Noodles:

Chourou said...

Hello,Small Footprints!
I think this nice meal is rather similar with what we call "yasai-ramen",or chinese noodle with various vegetable.It is popular way to cook and eat noodles in Japan, and maybe also in other Asian countries,even though the ingrediants would be a little different respectivly.

From I Can See Clearly Now:

John said...

Make sure your optician or optometrist is honest. Most are dishonest and tell you that you need new frames, just because the previous lens will not fit the new frame, or whatever other excuses.

And just to share something my ophthalmologist friend shared with me... your eyes' long-sightedness will improve as you age, to the point you won't need glasses anymore! So watch out also for those opticians or optometrists that keep prescribing a higher power for you on every visit.

Thanks to everyone who left comments this month.

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