Friday, July 31, 2009

Repurposeful Crafting

This week's challenge (which you can read HERE) asked us to get creative using repurposed items. It's something that we, in my family, do all the time. So ... in keeping with the challenge, I'm going to do a photo essay of some of our projects. I hope you enjoy them!

A wine box gets a paint job and becomes a unique planter.

A piece of scrap wallpaper is the canvas for this beautiful painting.

Found some broken jewelry and made new earrings.

It once held juice ... then, in the winter, it became a terrarium ... home for a small cutting of Creeping Jenny which travelled, in my pocket, from Chicago. In the summer, we opened the side ... and Jenny "creeped" out.

Coffee cans are now a home for Habanero peppers.

The pages of a recovered book became the canvas for this delicious strawberry.

And Mona was painted on a homemade sketch book using a recycled cover from an old book and recovered blueprint paper. Isn't she lovely?

I hope that these creations inspire you to look at common items, destined for a landfill, in a new way ... and possibly give them a new, interesting life.

As always, I would love to hear from you!