Friday, August 14, 2009

A bit of this and that ...

Here are a few quick tips and interesting facts:

  • Rather than buy a new vase for your beautiful summer flowers, try using an old glass or bottle.

  • Farmer's markets not only offer local, seasonal and often organic food ... there isn't any packaging involved.

  • On average, we use a plastic bag for 12 minutes ... that same plastic bag persists in a landfill for approximately 1,000 years ~ Body+Soul magazine, September 2009 issue.

  • A push mower emits 0% pollution ... and it's great exercise.

  • Thinking of purchasing a new oven? Opt for an energy efficient convection oven. It uses 20% less energy than conventional ovens.

  • Did you know that wooden chopsticks cost China about 25 million trees a year to make?

  • Use tap water instead of bottled water.

  • Did you know that you could reduce your chemical exposure by approximately 80% by choosing organic produce?

  • The perimeter of a store typically has the healthiest items (for both us and the environment).

  • For grass stains on clothing, use hydrogen peroxide ... the key to this working is speed ... don't let the stain set.

  • Use the appropriate burner on your stove. A 6 inch pot over an 8 inch burner will waste over 40 percent of the heat generated.

  • Send e-greeting cards ... save money, a stamp, paper and the earth.

  • Save trees ... read the daily newspaper online rather than having it delivered.

  • A vacation is a state of mind, not a reservation ... so try a "staycation".

  • And finally, if you're still looking for a natural cleaner for this week's challenge, try this:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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