Thursday, March 21, 2013

17 Eco-Friendly Tips For Spring

Welcome to Spring!! After a cold winter with some severe storms throughout the world, warmer weather and sunshine is definitely welcome. But with the change in temperature, our green routines must change as well. Here are a few tips to get us started:

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  1. Spring is traditionally a time to tackle those big cleaning jobs. Instead of using toxic chemicals, opt for more earth-friendly cleansers. Check out How to Make a Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit for ideas and recipes.
  2. Clean out closets and drawers and donate usable items to a charity, thrift stores or post them on FreeCycle.
  3. Take a look at air filters and wash or replace them as necessary. And don't forget the filter on your dryer ... it needs regular washing as well.
  4. Plan a vegetable garden. When considering which veggie to grow, consider heirloom varieties which help to preserve biodiversity. Consider natural pest control rather than toxic pesticides (click HERE for more information and be sure to click through to the natural slug control as well). Is your space limited? Consider a container and/or vertical garden. And, rather than commercial fertilizers, start a compost pile to nourish your garden.
  5. If you'll be landscaping your yard, opt for native plants which don’t need as much water and fertilizer.
  6. Check the air pressure in your tires. Warmer temperatures affect tire pressure and improperly inflated tires lowers fuel efficiency.
  7. As the weather warms, consider walking or cycling instead of driving. Or, choose the bus/train for your travel needs.
  8. Dry your clothes outside rather than use the dryer.
  9. Sweep your patio, deck or walkway instead of using an air blower.
  10. Use a push mower instead of a power or gas mower.
  11. Switch the direction on your ceiling fan to cool (here's a hint ... when you stand under the fan you should feel the air blowing down on you).
  12. When the fireplace is no longer being used, close the damper.
  13. Check the batteries on smoke detectors and make sure they are working properly (okay, it's not a "green" tip but ... it's important).
  14. Remove your shoes upon entering your home.
  15. Open the curtains and let the sun shine in (it'll help clean your air) and open the windows to let in some fresh air.
  16. Speaking of curtains, adjust them as the days warm up ... open them in the early morning and after the sun goes down ... and close them during the hot parts of the day, especially when the sun shines directly on your windows.
  17. Here's a trick for cooling your home on hot days ... rather than use an air conditioner, try using a portable fan ... during the cool morning & evening hours, set the fan in a window and blow in fresh air. When it gets too hot in the house, turn the fan and blow the hot air out. You'll be amazed at how well this works.
Spring is a time of renewal ... let's renew our commitment to a green life.

What tips do you have for spring?

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