Friday, March 15, 2013

Give Me Just One Good Reason

Do you ever feel that your green-living efforts don't matter? Sometimes it's hard! Reports come out regularly saying that global warming is escalating and that the only hope is if the world makes drastic changes. But the world includes government leaders who don't take the warnings seriously and entire countries who don't give the environment a passing thought. There are many of us who do take the warnings seriously and take action. Unfortunately, it sometimes feels like we're up against a wall. Thinking about it is depressing ... and overwhelming ... and leaves us asking ...

Why Am I Doing This?

Perhaps the answer lies in looking for more personal reasons to live green. Here are a few:

  • Living green saves us money. Many of the changes we make to walk a little gentler on the earth are actually frugal. For example, making our own Eco-friendly cleaning products is typically far less expensive than buying the commercial (and often toxic) varieties. Cooking with whole foods generally nets more meals per dollar than buying processed items. Reducing, which is a cornerstone of living green, almost always saves us money ... we save in gas, electricity, water ... we even save in the cost of space to keep stuff.
  • Living green improves our health. Foods which we grow, or which we purchase from local farmers, are fresher than processed foods or items which are grown across the country (or world) and then shipped ... since nutrients are lost the moment produce is harvested, it's healthier to eat local. Eliminating toxins from our homes prevents many health issues and serious diseases. Indoor plants purify our air. Natural personal care products nourish (rather than harm) our skin. And ... the knowledge that we aren't contaminating the world brings us peace and mental well-being.
  • Living green gives us hope. Even though we hear a lot of dire reports, it seems that no one knows exactly what our environmental future holds. So, our efforts may well be helping the planet. Taking action gives us hope that perhaps we can tip the scales. And where's there's hope, there's a determination to find solutions.
  • Living green is simply the right thing to do. As children, we're taught right from wrong. We're taught to care for each other and our possessions ... we learn to be honest and true. Caring for the earth is part of that package ... it's just the right thing to do.

Saving the earth is a lofty, righteous goal! I'm hoping that my actions will contribute to that effort. But whether they do or not, I'm confident that my life is made better by making the commitment ... and that motivates me to continue.

What is your one good reason to live green?

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