Monday, May 27, 2013

Changes to Reduce Footprints

As some of you know, Google is soon to unveil a new system for rating the value of a blog. It has come to my attention that some of the ways that I use to promote others is actually going to hurt them in the new ranking protocol. We all work so hard on our blogs ... it's a shame to be penalized for something like having your link shared on other sites.

So, I'm discontinuing the Meet & Greet Monday feature. I haven't been able to determine if having your blog's address in that "linky" lowers your rank per Google but I don't want to take chances. If you have a link to Meet & Greet on your site, please remove it.

I've also removed my blog roll for the same reasons.

Newer Change The World Wednesday (CTWW) posts have a "no follow" clause in each link. Older posts have been deleted. If you have a CTWW banner on your page, please add a "no follow" clause to the link or remove it (to change the code simply copy the updated code from the CTWW page).

Hopefully these actions will protect your rating ... and mine.

If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact me.