Monday, September 2, 2013

Meet & Greet Monday (#MtaGt) - CelloMom on Cars

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There is always something interesting to read at CelloMom on Cars, this week's featured blog. For example, a recent post discuses ways to keep your teen from texting while driving. You might be surprised by the first suggestion which asks parents to modify their own behavior first. In another post, CelloMom talks about high-speed trains and her vow to have a car-free vacation this year. You might think an article entitled "I Go to the Gas Station Once a Month" speaks to fuel efficiency and conservation ... in reality it's about climate change, our attitudes and how to spread the "green" word. I've often wished that our policy makers would read CelloMom on Cars. In "Ten Ways to Calm Car Traffic" she shares proven methods to reduce traffic congestion, making an area people and earth friendly. I've read posts about towns going completely car free and laws encouraging bikes. If you want posts about Eco-friendly fuel-efficient cars, you'll find those as well. While every single post, in some way, touches on automobiles, CelloMom on Cars is so much more. It's well written and offers something for everyone! I recommend a visit!!

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