Monday, September 23, 2013

Meet & Greet Monday (#MtaGt) - Eco Thrifty Living

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Eco Thrifty Living, this week's featured blog, is owned and authored by Zoe Morrison. I love this blog ... it's a bit like visiting with a good neighbor and discussing day-to-day life. Zoe takes us into her confidence, sharing her thoughts, concerns and the interesting things she learns. For example, in a post entitled Homegrown shower and shaving gel! she has an "Ah Ha" moment with her Aloe Vera plants. In What to do with chapped or dry lips? she reveals that she was using petroleum jelly on her lips before discovering the associated health risks. She went on to learn that her lips, given the opportunity, could moisturize themselves. If you have solar panels, you might be interested in How to keep an eye on the efficiency of your solar panels! I found recipes, instructions on how to make an herb planter out of pallets and several ideas for Eco-friendly gift giving. One of my favorite sections of this blog is the Budgeting page. Zoe was determined to slash her family's budget and, as she puts it, "thrive, not just survive". She has set up a table which includes the items she targeted, a bit about the changes she's made, and the savings realized. One of the more dramatic savings (£270.00/$400.41) involved growing herbs, vegetables and tea rather than buying it. Amazing! Eco Thrifty Living is a terrific blog with diverse content. If you have a moment, sit down with Zoe ... you'll come away with useful ideas and a lot to think about.

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