Monday, November 18, 2013

Meet & Greet Monday (#MtaGt) - Briogeo

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Our featured blog, Briogeo, is associated with Briogeo Hair Products. Before telling you a bit about the blog, let me share what I've learned about the company. Their products are made in the USA. According to the FAQ page, their products "contain a high content of natural and naturally-derived ingredients". I've randomly clicked on various products and the ingredients are listed for each one, allowing customers to conduct their own research on the safety of the item. Products are never tested on animals. All of their packaging contains at least 25% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. The blog is interesting. I found an article entitled A Look at Deep Conditioning: Why it’s necessary for all hair types. Most people know that things like the sun, chlorine, and coloring can stress out our tresses, but did you know that taking certain medications can also affect your hair? The article goes on to talk about natural ingredients and how to perform a deep conditioning. Another post, Long Days of Summer discusses keeping long hair healthy during hot weather. While I would like to see a bit more information on products and treatments which are both Eco-friendly and safe to use, I feel that Briogeo introduces topics which make me think about the connection between personal care products, fashion, and the environment. Hop over and tell me what you think. (Please note: This is a feature only. I do not recommend or discourage use of Briogeo products. I do encourage you to check out the site and make your own determination.)

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This is our LAST MEET & GREET of 2013. Beginning next week, Reduce Footprints will be on hiatus, returning on January 20, 2014. So let's make this a real party. You may link as many sites as you wish and they may be any type of site (blog, social network, product page, etc.), PROVIDED that they are ECO-FRIENDLY.

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