Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest Post - Is Green the New Red this Valentine’s Day?

The history attached to the Day of Love isn’t all romantic, not in the traditional sense at least. This sweet day wouldn’t have happened without a Roman Priest, St. Valentine, who existed at the time of an unkind emperor, rightly called ‘Claudius, the Cruel’ who maltreated the church and its preaching.

Claudius illegalized marriages on the argument that unmarried soldiers fought better than those who were married, but our hero, St. Valentine, was against it. He secretly encouraged them to get married because of the ruler’s edict. Valentine was ultimately caught and executed. But his martyrdom didn’t go waste and February 14th, the day this Saint was honoured, came to be known as Valentine’s Day.

The day of love has transformed immensely since the time of Rome’s ‘Claudius, the Cruel’. When, in 1850, Esther A Howland pioneered the tradition of a Valentine's card in USA, she was deemed as the “Mother of American Valentine”. Later, in the second half of the twentieth century, this trend extended to flowers, chocolates, jewellery and more.

The current century has given way to a brand new Valentine’s Day makeover. This Valentine’s Day, green is the new red! The latest V-Day trend is to give back to Mother Earth. Lovers around the world are displaying affection to their loved ones using Eco-friendly ways in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint. Green cars, organic flowers, recycled gifts-scroll down to find out what’s the current favourite this Valentine’s Day.

Is Green the New Red this Valentine’s Day?

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