Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's In Your Deodorant? #Review and #Giveaway

What's in your deodorant?
Try this: get your deodorant and look at the back label. What do you see?

I looked at a well-known brand and the first thing I noticed, at the top of the label, was the caption "Drug Facts". Drugs? In my deodorant? As my eye wandered down the label, I noticed a whole section of warnings. There were words like "rash", "irritation", and a sentence which suggested that users with kidney disease call their doctors before using the product. I also found a warning that if the product was ingested, get medical help or call poison control right away.

I wasn't feeling particularly "warm and fuzzy" about the idea of applying the product to my armpits. Why? Because approximately 60% of products used topically are absorbed directly into our bloodstream. The skin under our arms absorbs faster than most areas of our body. So, if this product has toxic chemicals in it, then using it means that my body is quickly absorbing a large amount of the potentially harmful ingredients directly into my blood, which feeds my organs. I began to understand why our kidneys might be affected.

Eco-friendly deodorant Eco-friendly deodorant
I was invited to try Purelygreat's Cream Deodorant. They sent me two jars, both the Women's and Men's Citrus Cream Deodorant.

The label had three ingredients:
  1. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  2. Corn starch
  3. Glycerin Essential Oils (grapefruit, sweet orange, geranium, lime, cypress, and coriander)
There were no warnings per se, simply the following statement: "Should not be used immediately after shaving. If you experience any irritation discontinue use." From the Purelygreat website I learned that, because of allergies and skin sensitivities, any topical product can cause irritation. So their statement is a matter of common sense rather than a warning.

Each product is packaged in a small glass jar. A wooden stirrer is included for mixing the deodorant since the vegetable glycerin may separate from the baking soda and corn starch.

So what did we think?

We both liked the product. The scent is light and very pleasing. Only a small amount of product is required, about the size of a dime applied with our finger tips. Right after applying, the deodorant felt silky. After it completely dried, it felt powdery. It didn't stain or mark our clothing in any way.

Did it work?

Absolutely! We applied the product in the morning and it kept us smelling clean and fresh for the entire day. Neither of us experienced any irritation or discomfort.

I should mention that this is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant. Deodorants kill bacteria which cause odor. Antiperspirants prevent our bodies from sweating. The body is meant to sweat. It is a natural function which keeps the body cool and is necessary for good health.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes! It is easy to use, effective, and doesn't contain toxic chemicals. It is safe for us and the environment. Since only a small amount of the product is required per use, the jar should last a long time, making it a great value.

Purelygreat products can be purchased from their website.


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I received Purelygreat products in order to write this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and reflect my honest opinion of the material reviewed.

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