Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Could you live "off the grid"?

Could you live "off the grid"?
Could you disconnect?
Have you ever considered living off the grid?

The basic idea is to disconnect from the national electrical grid, operating one's home using autonomous systems such as solar or wind power. It sounds nice, independent living which is kinder to the earth. But, in reality, how easy would it be to make the switch?

Eco-friendly forms of energy require nature's cooperation. When the sun shines and/or the wind blows, energy flows into batteries and "electrical" needs are met. But when nature doesn't accommodate us, the saved energy quickly dwindles. "Off Griders", therefore, try to conserve and often prioritize their needs.

That idea made me wonder ... what could we live without?

That's the focus of this month's survey.

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Join us on March 25th for the results of this survey.

Sneak Peek: Would you like to change the world? Tomorrow, we'll band together on behalf of the earth!