Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is your laundry detergent natural, toxic free, and Eco-friendly? #Review

Celadon Road Lavender Laundry Detergent Review
How many ingredients are in your laundry detergent? Go ahead ... go count ... I'll wait!

Got it? Okay ... what's the verdict?

Mine, Celadon Road's Lavender Laundry Detergent, has six ingredients: sodium bromate, soda ash, coconut oil, clay powder, vinegar, and essential oil. It is made in the USA and was originally created to ease the suffering of a child's eczema which was aggravated by commercial laundry products. It is safe for skin, clothing, and septic systems. It is not tested on animals and comes in a reusable container (the company offers refills which come in bags). Since it only requires 1-2 tablespoons per load, the 32-ounce container will handle between 32-64 washes.

My friend, Amanda, sent me the laundry detergent to try, along with two other products:

Celadon Road Odor Eliminator Review
Odor Eliminator
Celadon Road Stain Remover Review
Stain Remover

These products came in 2-ounce containers (also refillable), perfect for "on the go" needs. They contain natural, plant-based enzymes which eliminate odors and dissolve stains on contact.

So, how do these three products work?

The laundry detergent has a lovely, light scent. I have a top-loading washer so used two tablespoons for a very full load. Our clothes came out beautifully clean and fresh. They actually felt soft which is something that never happened when I used commercial brands. During the wash cycle, I peeked in and noticed that there were no suds. Why is this important? Because suds are created using synthetic chemicals and are designed to reassure consumers that something is "happening". Similar to the addition of whitening agents, suds are merely a trick. One wonders why, if products are effective, there's a need for the addition of toxic chemicals to convince us that our clothes are clean. It's something to think about!

I gave both the odor eliminator and stain remover a brief trial. I used both on an old pet stain. The odor was removed leaving a clean, citrus scent. The stain remover lightened the stain but did not remove it completely. I believe, however, that both of these products would work best if used immediately after the "event". Patience is also necessary as the products are sprayed on and then should be allowed to dry. I was impatient and didn't allow the area to dry naturally.

I enjoyed all three of these products and gladly recommend them. They did the job well without hurting us or the environment.

You can buy Celadon Road products, from Amanda, by visiting her site HERE.

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I received Celadon Road laundry products in order to write this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and reflect my honest opinion of the products reviewed.

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