Friday, April 25, 2014

Guest Post - The Latest Energy Saving Devices That Save You Money

Saving money is something that everyone enjoys doing, yet many people are unaware what they can do to keep energy costs low. In most cases, the only method used to save money
The Latest Energy Saving Devices That Save You Money
on energy is to keep the heat low in the winter, the air conditioner high in the summer and reduced water consumption as much as possible. However, there are several devices that can reduce energy costs without making friends and family uncomfortable in the home. Some of the devices have been available for some time, but new advances have made them more affordable and efficient, while others are recent developments in energy conservation.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are not new devices, but new technology has made them more reliable and affordable for the average homeowner. Many of them adjust automatically based on lifestyles and schedules of those who live in the home using high-tech sensors, algorithms and cloud computing options. Smart thermostats can remember schedules and integrate weather forecasts, allowing the homeowner to control the device using a computer or mobile device from any location. Smart thermostats can reduce the average energy bill by 30 percent, and costs start at around $250.

Energy Efficient Appliances

There are many new-age appliances that provide significant energy savings, but also offer additional technologies that can improve life. There are now refrigerators that can keep track of grocery lists and log food
The Latest Energy Saving Devices That Save You Money
eaten as well as washing machines that fit more clothes, allowing for fewer laundry loads. However, even appliances that are not visible can provide energy savings. Gas hot water systems, such as the Bosch Highflow system not only reduces energy costs, but also helps the environment by heating water as it is needed, and only heating the amount necessary for the task at hand.

Home Automation

Although it is commonly known that switching to LED lighting can reduce energy costs, consumers are now finding that automation services are another way to be sure energy costs remain low. In fact, using home automation services to control lights can not only save on energy, but can also provide added security, as vacationing homeowners can set lights to turn on and go off using the automation to make it appear someone is at home, deterring burglars. The systems can be accessed using tablets, laptops or smartphones, and many are available through home security companies and other vendors. There are those who believe that as energy companies begin adding smart meter services, they, too, will begin offering home automation services to homeowners. The systems can also control faucets and other water outlets, allowing the homeowner to turn off sprinklers during sudden rainstorms or stop faucets that were accidentally left on.

Small Changes

It is not just big appliances that provide energy savings, as there are many little devices that can provide reduced energy costs. Consumer electronics can add almost $200 a year to energy costs simply by powering up and down each day, so adding a “smart” adapter
The Latest Energy Saving Devices That Save You Money
that provides just the power that the device needs to operate can help reduce the costs involved. Some companies call them a “digital handshake” between the power supply and the device, so that once the power necessary has been supplied, it shuts off. Mobile phones and tablets need constant charging, and this can lead to additional energy costs as people tend to leave them plugged in for longer than necessary. Consider a solar charger for the device that harnesses energy from the sun. Solar chargers also allow users to charge devices when there is no electrical power available, like on camping trips or while traveling.

Although some of the latest energy saving devices can be initially expensive, the money saved with reduced energy often allows homeowners to recoup their investment fairly quickly. In addition, there are many small, inexpensive things that can be added to a home or office that can reduce energy usage even slightly, which over time adds up to significant savings.