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Review - Norwex Products

Review of Norwex Products
Bacteria causes odors in kitchen towels
Have you ever experienced "Sour" kitchen towels? It is a nasty odor caused by bacteria which thrives on moisture. Damp kitchen towels are the perfect breeding ground for these stinky "critters".

Unfortunately, the bacteria aren't deterred by washing clothes in cold water. I did a search on ways to get rid of that smell and all methods required the use of hot water and either bleach or vinegar (bleach being the preferred method). I wash in cold water and I don't use bleach. Vinegar works to a degree ... but it's not perfect!

I'd like to introduce you to some great products by Norwex, a company focused on “cleaning without chemicals”. Their products are designed for use with water ... no chemicals or toxic cleaning solutions ... just water.

I was invited to try out their Enviro Cloth, Window Polishing Cloth, Body Cloth, Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent, and Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash.

Review - Enviro Cloth by Norwex
Micro-silver keeps these towels fresh

Enviro Cloth

I've used microfiber cloths before, but the Enviro Cloth by Norwex (an all-purpose cleaning cloth) is something special. In the kitchen, the counter tops were noticeably cleaner after one use. Dusting furniture was breeze ... I simply moistened the cloth and dusted. It left my furniture clean and, the best part, it held onto the dust and didn't cause a "dust storm" from shaking the cloth out after use. In fact, no shaking was required. A quick rinse under cold water prepared the cloth for its next use (after several uses, the cloth can be tossed into the laundry).

My favorite feature of this cloth is its anti-bacterial properties. In the past, you've heard me say that I avoid anything with the words "anti-bacterial". That's because it typically means a toxic chemical, like triclosan, has been used. The fibers of the Enviro Cloth are merged with liquid silver. Once merged, the silver cannot be separated from the fibers ... it won't wear off or leach onto surfaces or our skin. The silver is an antibacterial agent and prevents odors. I am happy to say that this cloth worked and stayed fresh (odor free).

Review - Window Polishing Cloth by Norwex
Better than commercial
window cleaners

Window Polishing Cloth

Have you ever experienced a greasy film on your windows? It is difficult to remove and challenges my window cleaner (vinegar and water). Norwex has created a cloth which does all the heavy work. Similar to the Enviro Cloth, the tightly woven fibers of the Window Polishing Cloth seem to attract anything on the glass. With very little effort, my windows and mirrors were clean and shiny. I simply sprayed the surface with water and then wiped the moisture off. Easy ... and no chemicals. It's also a great cloth for cleaning jewelry.

Body Cloth

This microfiber cloth is designed for the body. It gently exfoliates the skin and removes dirt. It is gentle enough for use on any body part and does a great job at removing cosmetics. People with sensitive skin will find it especially appealing since it doesn't require the use of soap (great for kids with soap allergies). Perhaps it was a case of "mind over matter" but ... I felt that my skin was cleaner, using the cloth with water, than using water alone or with a typical wash cloth.

Review - Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent by Norwex
No fillers or fragrances

Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent

I've used many Eco-friendly laundry detergents and I don't typically "gush" about any of them. I'm going to "gush" about this one. It contains very few ingredients (sodium silicate, sodium percarbonate, biodegradable surfactants, ethoxylated laurel alcohol and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate). There are no fillers or fragrances, it is safe for all skin types, and can be used with any water temperature. My clothes came out clean. But here's the "gushy" part ... once dried, there was a noticeable softness to the clothing. Seriously, I wanted to join my cat in curling up on the basket of laundry.

Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash

This is the newest Norwex product. It contains no triclosan, phosphates or SLS (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate). Natural surfactants derived from coconut and apple extracts do a nice job of completely cleaning hands. The product has a very pleasing peppermint scent and left my hands feeling moisturized. The foam is an interesting feature. One application is enough to wash with, but because it is a foam, very little product is actually dispensed. This makes it very economical. The container can be reused (1 ltr refills are available) and the labels on the container (which show a complete list of ingredients) are made out of vegetable oil).

Review - Norwex Products
Lindsay and her family

Your Norwex Consultant

We choose products based on many factors. Unfortunately, I've avoided perfectly good products because the company representatives weren't "there" for me. When I have questions and/or concerns, I want them addressed in a timely fashion ... in my opinion, customer service is part of the product.

Lindsay Mercer, Executive Sales Leader & Consultant Trainer, was instrumental in my decision to try out Norwex products. I was concerned about the fact that not all products have the ingredients listed on the label. Lindsay quickly responded back with the list for my review. When I investigated the materials used in the cloth and had questions, she dug deeper and found answers for me. I asked about where the products are made. She told me that Norwex products are manufactured and distributed from many parts of the world, including the US, Canada, and China. All Chinese workers are actually employees of Norwex which gives them access to all employee benefits. She went on to say this: "... Norwex making the decision to produce their microfiber products in China was not made lightly and as a company, we are one of only 300 in operation in China that adhere to the UN Global Compacts "10 Principles" regarding human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption with both our employee management and suppliers."

Lindsay is knowledgeable about Norwex products and how the company operates. She is a great example of good customer service.

I highly recommend Norwex products. You can buy them HERE.

A special incentive

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I received Norwex products in order to write this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and reflect my honest opinion of the products reviewed.