Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guest Post - Three Reasons Why We Should Still Be Talking about Solar Power

Solar power seems to have been around for ages now, and in fact its beginnings can actually be traced back to the 7th Century B.C. Everyone is aware of its merits by providing cleaner, cheaper energy, and those fully in favour of solar power will probably already have panels installed in their homes and businesses.

So do we really still need to be talking about it if all the information is already out there? With the world an ever-changing place, solar power may be even more important than ever right now. Here are three reasons why.

1. Solar Power is Closer to Home than Ever

The eco-friendly, idealistic vision of a future where everyone’s home is powered by solar power is yet to be fulfilled, but getting your hands on solar panels for your roof is now easier than ever. Companies such as MyFourWalls provide all the information you need and help you to get set up with solar power for your electricity and hot water, along with tailoring payment methods to each individual.

Many countries now have government schemes to help citizens afford solar panels as they attempt to rely less on fossil fuels. Despite first being a novelty, the sight of solar panels on neighbours’ roofs is becoming more and more common.

2. It Will Soon Overtake Fossil Fuels

One day solar power will eventually become cheaper than fossil fuels. That day appears to be edging ever nearer. The Financial Times reported that larger wind farms and solar plants are now cost-competitive with many gas-fired power plants in the USA.

As demand for solar panels increases, their price should drop, further tempting those less reluctant to invest. Even if people get on board with solar power for purely financial reasons, the environmentally friendly effect is not lost.

3. Innovation is Still Happening

The main uses for solar power in homes and businesses are for electricity and heating water. It doesn’t stop there though, with solar power being used for everything from buses to schools and everyday items such as phone chargers.

Research on solar energy is constantly being conducted, so further breakthroughs are likely to make it even cheaper within the next decade. As technology advances, solar power is being applied to that as well, with 3D solar panel printing now on the horizon. So far the Solar Cool Hat has to be one of the worst ideas though.