Monday, October 27, 2014

Review - Zabada Kitchen Glove and Marvel

Awhile back I introduced you to several Zabada products including a bathroom cleaning system. You can read that review HERE.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Zabada's kitchen cleaning system, the kitchen glove and marvel.

Review - Zabada Kitchen Glove and Marvel
These two items eliminate the need for cleaning solutions!

Review - Zabada Kitchen Glove and Marvel
Fried veggies are yummy,
but make a mess!
What's your biggest kitchen clean-up headache?

For me, it's oil splatter.

I don't fry foods often but ohhhh ... sometimes there's nothing better than home fries or fried eggplant "steaks".

Now, I don't know about you but I find it virtually impossible to fry foods and not create splatter. And that splatter is hard to clean up, especially since I don't use chemicals or cleaning solutions. I adore vinegar and baking soda, but let's face it ... who wouldn't rather have a handy cloth nearby which would clean everything up with just a touch of water?

Zabada Kitchen Glove

The kitchen glove is made up of two unique microfibers, one on each side of the glove.

One side cleans up grease (and oil). It's unique design traps grease within the fibers. Simply wipe away the mess with an easy swipe of the cloth. This side is perfect for cleaning ovens, stove tops, and appliances.

The other side of the glove contains fibers which are perfect for grime. It contains light scouring patches which helps remove food residue and can be used on sinks, baking trays, pots, and pans.

Unlike other cleaning cloths, the kitchen glove releases all grease and grime when it's rinsed under water. That means that no oil is transferred from one spot to the next.

Zabada Kitchen Marvel

Bacteria thrives in moisture. So once the big cleaning is done with the kitchen glove, it's time to dry things off.

The marvel is marvelous (sorry, couldn't resist). It's fibers are very absorbent. It cleans, dries, and shines a surface. It's great on counter tops, ovens, appliances, and basically anywhere one has cleaned with the kitchen glove.

My Thoughts on the Zabada Kitchen Cleaning System

I really like both of these products. It was amazing that, after cleaning up oil splatters, there was no greasy feel on the oven when I ran my hand over the surface. To give the "no transfer" feature a good try, I wiped down the kitchen counter right after cleaning the oil from the oven. And guess what ... no transfer. I was left with a clean counter.

During my "test drive", I baked an apple pie. As all bakers know (or maybe it's just my unique cooking abilities), there's typically a little cooked on pie filling left in the pan. The "grime" side of the kitchen glove did a fine job "scrapping" off the residue.

I'm vegan so I don't worry about the kinds of bacteria brought into a kitchen by animal products. For those of you who eat chicken, pork, and beef, cross contamination is a real issue. You might be interested to learn that Zabada's kitchen cleaning system removes up to 90% of harmful chemicals and up to 99% of bacteria.

Would I recommend these products? Yes, absolutely!

For more information, or to pick up these products for your cleaning arsenal, click on the following links:

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