Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guest Post - Keep Cool & Save Cash with the Right Window Treatments

With summer just around the corner, now is a good time to start thinking about buttoning up your home for maximum efficiency! This is especially true for those in areas of the country that experience extreme heat, which results in frequent overexertion of air conditioners.

Air conditioning units consume energy in the form of electricity. When a home has a significant amount of solar heat gain with uncovered windows, this puts a greater strain on the unit resulting in more energy consumption. These exposed windows act almost like an oven, and literally heat up the inside of your home!

How do you reduce solar heat gain and consume less electricity during the summer?

There’s a simple solution that’s often overlooked: a set of the right window treatments. Honeycomb and cellular shades (among other available window treatments) act as a barrier between your home and the sun’s powerful UV rays (Source: http://cellularwindowshades.com/content/28-cool-window-shades).

Keep Cool & Save Cash with the Right Window Treatments

The shade sits at the bottom of the sill and keeps your home’s cool air (that costs you money!) from escaping. In addition to providing you with a more energy efficient home, honeycomb shades have some other noteworthy features in the summertime. If you have furniture or art in your home, over time the sun’s rays can damage it. When you pick the right window treatments to cover these windows, you reduce the exposure to UV rays and keep the integrity of these items intact!

Keep Cool & Save Cash with the Right Window Treatments

As you’re making the last preparations for your home this summer, add honeycomb window treatments to the list! They’ll keep you and your home cool and save of your hard-earned cash during the process!