Monday, May 18, 2015

Review - "We Are The Destroyers" by D.K.Lindler

A good story can entertain while delivering an important lesson. Unlike instructional books, fiction often reaches us on an emotional level and, when that happens, we tend to remember both the book and the message.

Review - "We Are The Destroyers" by D.K.Lindler
I was invited to read We Are The Destroyers by D.K.Lindler.

The Scenario

This is the story of a dying planet. Over consumption and environmental abuse have caused food shortages; so, to feed a rapidly growing population, synthetic foods are created. While these fake foods solve the hunger problem, they cause serious changes in the human body and mind. In short, they turn people into degenerated mutants who can be easily manipulated by their leaders.

Children, by the age of 10, are started on a synthetic diet so that they will look and act like everyone else.

There are a few people who refuse to eat synthetic foods and continue an organic lifestyle. They are persecuted and, of course, no one heeds their warnings. One of them, Bel'lar, escapes the planet with a hand-selected crew. They search for a semi-mythical place which can sustain life ... a planet where humanity can begin anew.

There's a twist, though ... Bel'lar is given a vision which is, at the same time, confusing and familiar. It seems to indicate that history is repeating itself ... and he has played some role in both events. If that's true, can he save the planet from repeating past mistakes ... and destruction?

My Thoughts

The story draws many parallels to our world and the environmental problems we now face. Where we can only worry about possible consequences to our actions, the author had leave to develop plausible conclusions. And they are scary! She used some of our worst nightmares to paint a desperate situation.

There are many layers to the book. It is fantasy, romance, science fiction, mystery, and spirituality. It's also a strong environmental and political warning. Each aspect is well developed, making the story interesting and compelling. I was "hooked" on the first page.

It was fun to read a fiction with an environmental spin.

If you'd like to read We Are The Destroyers by D.K.Lindler, you can buy it HERE.

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