Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Become an activist

In September we went to the fair. It's a lovely little fair ... full of community, family and "old timey" values. It's also full of Styrofoam food containers, garbage bins but no recycle bins (that we saw) and very few vegetarian/vegan food options. Call me crazy but ... it seems to me that a festival which celebrates agriculture, farming and "back to basics" lifestyles ... should be green.

My first impulse was to accept things as they are ... going green isn't always financially agreeable to organizations and as for the veggie food ... well, one doesn't go to a fair expecting to eat anything healthy. But then again ... maybe no one has asked the fair organizers to go green, letting them know that it's important and that people are watching ... and maybe people don't expect veggie food because it isn't offered.

The more I thought about it ... the more I needed to take action. So ... I searched the Internet for the names and email addresses of the organizers. Then I wrote very polite letters to them, thanking them for all they do and telling them what I enjoyed about the fair. Next, I suggested some easy changes ... putting out recycle bins .. encouraging their food vendors to discontinue the use of Styrofoam ... encouraging more vegetarian/vegan food options.

And guess what ... they wrote back. They told me of the green efforts they make behind the scenes. They said that they had a few recycle bins out but would put out more of them in prominent places. They said they would be happy to include more veggie food vendors and asked me for suggestions of restaurants which may be willing to attend (which I gave to them). They didn't address the Styrofoam issue but ... the seed has been planted.

Here's the point ... if we respectfully voice our concerns, maybe things will change. At the very least, it will let businesses and organizations know that it's important to the population ... to their customers. It will plant the seeds of change.

I'm hoping that next year, when we attend the fair, we'll see a lot of "green" going on. And if we do, I'll write more letters ... thanking them for their efforts.

So I challenge you ... write a letter ... make a call ... let your voice be heard. Congratulate those who are making efforts and make suggestions to those who can do better. Become an activist and make the world a better place.

As always ... I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Wow, excellent post, poignant. I am nor espectful, I am brutishlu loud mouth about soe environmental issues, but then I think I am trying to wake up the world as opposed to individual consciences. I am not ashamed at my brashness. I live in Brazil, I smoke, I open a new pack on the street and throw two little bits of foil in the rubbish tin on the street, even if it is 12' away. Brazilians look at me as if I am crazy. I always reply, If you do the same the street would have not litter. They still think I am crazy, I just confirmed it.


  2. A single letter can make a big difference. Kudos on a nice follow-up thank you note. Nice touch.

  3. I'm a "long time" activist in my community and I respect other strong women who are, as well. Keep up the good work!!

  4. This is a great blog. I write several, one being Green Planet News. I try to make differences in my own life. Every small effort adds up.\

  5. This is so important - if nobody says anything - or they leave it to someone else to say something - then nothing will change.

    Organisations and companies have every reason to listen to their customers' concerns and suggestions. If consumers demand it, they will offer it (unless they totally suck, which means you should go elsewhere).

    I recently sent an email to the organic supermarket near my house expressing my dismay at their new children's range (on nutritional, rather than environmental grounds) and the CEO of the company rang me personally, and gave me his mobile number to provide ongoing feedback! I was surprised and impressed.

    You can be heard if you raise your voice!

  6. Great stuff. I am also a strong supporter of the need to take action to reduce the damage we are doing to the world.

  7. An Excellent post and also thoughtful..nicely written..want more..
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