Friday, January 30, 2009

Comments of Note

Before we get started with today's post, I have great news. A site called
Empty Easel has picked up one of our articles and ... published it. It was originally submitted to us by a guest author, who wishes to remain anonymous, and Empty Easel thought it was worth sharing with their readers. If you'd like to see the article ... click HERE. OK ... on to today's topic:

This is the last Friday of the month ... in a new year ... with positive changes and hope in the air. While some might view change as a bad thing ... I, personally, embrace it. Change keeps everything fresh and exciting. It forces us to view life from a different angle and that's when we discover all kinds of wonderful things.

So ... I decided to make a small change to the monthly feature where I publish all the comments received. Starting today, I'm going to "pick and choose" comments that add information ... things that teach us more about living greener lives. I will, of course, continue to read every single comment and publish them with the articles they are attached to but ... for this monthly feature, which has grown and grown ... and become a very long post, I'll be selective.

So ... that being said ... here are the comments from the last month which I've deemed "Comments of Note". I hope you enjoy them!

molly said...

Johns research was wonderful, I too am horrified at what chemicals go onto our skin & hair, perhaps more would consider growing the soapwort plant? I have 3 plants, mixed with organic oatmeal they make wonderful soaps, solo they make great kitchen liquid, shampoo and laundry liquid. I would never go back to the days of soap etc after making my own. (Author's note ... to read more about the soapwort plant, click HERE).

Recipes are on my blog under the soap label if you are interested.


The Accessory Lady said...

Marcal is one my favorite Green companies because all their paper products are made from paper not from trees. 100% recycled. It's also affordable. I buy my toilet paper, paper towels and napkins from them. (Author's note ... read about Marcal HERE).

Cesia said...

Very interesting.

I wanted to comment on what you said about squash not growing upwards ... let me disclaimer this that I don't have a garden, and am in no way an expert here. But this summer I was reading a book called Square Foot Gardening, and they basically assert you can grow anything "vine-y" vertical. If I remember right, this included squash. I mean, squash usually takes up LOTS of horizontal space, and that's not really possible in the teeny tiny square foot garden - thus the vertical-ness. So, um, it might be something you could look into.

- Cesia.

Lesley said...

Roses and Sunflowers...... what an irrestistable combination! I must try that myself. :)

Another crop that makes a good screen is Jerusalem Artichokes and they look attractive too.

Joanne said...

You might try a row of Jet Star tomatoes near a window. Mine grow like a jungle. Just add a little fertilizer and let nature do its work! You'll have a beautiful, and delicious, wall.

E. Michelle said...

Hi there I've been reading the same book as Cesia, and I was going to say the same thing, that you can grow squash vertical. Something fun you might want to grow is this special squash, I forget the name, but when they are mature you harvest them and they are loofah sponges. I've grown them before here in TX and it makes a cool little loofah for your bath/shower. (Author's note ... read about loofah plants HERE).

Ron said...

Hi Footprints, your post reminded me of a segment I shot for Discovery Channel earlier this year about a sustainable house that was built from the ground up. It was in Minneapolis MN. The company was called Live Green Live Smart, I think. And they grew something very similar in their 100% self sustaining home. It was amazing. Would love to see some pictures of your project. (Author's note ... you can read more about Live Green Live Smart HERE).


yolanda said...

these are great tips! thanks sf. baking soda can also be used to remove smells from fridges - my mum keeps an eggcup of baking soda in the fridge at home and it absorbs everything!



Vivienne said...

great tips as always.
Here's another one - putting half a fresh slice of lemon in the fridge will get rid of odors and washing out the garbage can with 1 part water and 1 part vinegar will get rid of odours AND works antibacterial! :)

Nana Net said...

Excellent tips as always! thanks for sharing them. I remember my Mom always telling me to get rid of really strong, nasty odors to open a jar of vinegar and let it just sit open in a room. Well believe me it does work! Is something I still do to this day.

Plus I do love to burn candles. Though I do know some of them do have stronger scents then others. My favorites are by Yankee Candle. (Author's note ... Yankee Candle does have a line of Eco-friendly soy candles. Click HERE to learn more).

Well enjoy the day and will be back to check out more helpful hints from you! Bye.

Nana Net

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