Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Day ...

Wednesday, April 22nd, is EARTH DAY ... a day intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment.

There are many celebrations and activities planned ... in towns and cities throughout the world. It's an excellent opportunity to have some fun while appreciating the Earth.

One of the many activities taking place is a CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) giveaway at Home Depot stores. Beginning on Sunday, April 19th, selected stores will give away one million free CFLs ... one to a customer (as supplies last, of course). The best news ... no purchase necessary. This is a great opportunity to try them out, if you haven't before and, as I mentioned in an earlier post (which you can read HERE), Home Depot will take any old CFLs back for recycling. They have a few other Earth Day specials and "freebies" so ... check them out!

Another activity taking place this Earth Day is a television program on the National Geographic Channel about a fabulous, new company called TerraCycle. This is a company that produces products entirely made of waste. Since its inception, it has saved over 70 million drink pouches, 10.5 million cookie wrappers, and 3.1 million plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.

I first learned about TerraCycle awhile back and was truly impressed. Not only have they created an entire business model based on ... well ... garbage, they have also taken their "green" message to schools, teaching children that walking gently on the earth is a good thing. They are an example of creativity and enthusiasm ... and they give me hope for the future. Here is a brief video that will give you a little idea about them:

Wasn't that great? So ... for something fun to do on Earth Day ... tune in to the National Geographic Channel, on Wednesday, April 22nd, at 9PM ET/PT, to watch GARBAGE MOGULS. Then ... get inspired to find new ways that you can help protect the Earth.

These are just a couple of the activities planned for Earth Day ... there are so many more. All of them hope to accomplish the same thing ... to raise awareness and get everyone interested in saving our planet. I encourage you to take part ... and pass the word!

As always ... I would love to hear from you.


  1. Really looking forward to EarthDay!!! Thanks for the heads up on some of the events!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on these events. FOr Earth Day, a friend of mine is having a clothes swapping party. We bring all the clothes we clean out of our closets and have a potluck. We leave with clothes that feel "new" to each of us without buying anything.

  3. Wonderful ideas! Not quite sure what Quebec City has up its sleeve... *scratches her head*

    I know my office is have an "Earth Day challenge" all day with taking stairs instead of the elevators, people that come in by bikes, walking, public transportation... They should be raffling off all kinds of things!

    I wish Home Depot Canada did the CFL give-away!

    And for your Canadian readers : Home Depot Canada takes back all used CFLs for proper disposal as well!

  4. Hi! I always find something useful or inspiring at your blog. We're going to try to find a unique and practical way to celebrate Earth Day here at our house. We'll have to check out the Natl Geo show, it sounds amazing! Thanks again.

  5. looking forward to earth day :) i'm so glad malaysia is starting to be more aware of environmental stuff now and participating in them. i was pleasantly surprised when we participated in earth hour (i mean really really participated, like the PM announced it and asked everyone to switch their lights and appliances off) and yea... earth day will be celebrated too!

  6. That's wonderful to make products entirely from waste! I'll watch the video later as hubby is in bed sleeping (it's just after midnight here in England) ~ I'm a night owl! :)

  7. I have already made one post about Earth Day, with another planned for the actual holiday. That will be fun. I hope lots of people participate in Earth Day, so it's good to see you posting about it too.

  8. I'll write a post on my Green Planet blog: