Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This idea is full of holes ...

As people who love the earth, we try to reduce our use of everything. Whenever possible, we try to use electronic versions of documents rather than print them out. If printing a document is required, we use recycled paper and print on both the front and back. In terms of the printed page, I thought that was about all we could do. But ... I was wrong!

I recently learned about something fabulous. It is simple, easy to use, and saves ink. Yes, ink.

Introducing the Ecofont.

The Ecofont is developed by SPRANQ, a creative communications company located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Basically, it's a font full of holes:

Tiny little holes run through each letter, reducing the amount of ink required by up to 20%. And ... the best news ... the Ecofont is free to download and free to use.

I've downloaded the font and tried it out ... it looks great and the "holes" don't compromise the print quality when using a standard font size (in my case ... font size 12). At larger sizes, the holes do become visible. But, imagine the savings if every standard letter ... every standard document ... most of our printing ... was done using 20% less ink. We'd use less ink, save money ... and walk a little gentler on the earth.

So ... today's green living tip is easy ... click over to Ecofont and download it. Then, whenever it becomes necessary to print something out ... use it instead of other, standard fonts.

Wow ... wasn't that fabulous?

Before you go, I'd like to ask a favor ... I've entered Reduce Footprints into a contest. Basically, the blog with the most votes at the end of the month wins. So, if you like this site ... I'd really appreciate your vote. Just click on the following picture which will take you to the "voting booth" ... and thanks:

As always ... I would love to hear from you!


  1. You've got my vote. And I'll go back there as often as I can remember during the month, since they accept votes every 24 hours. Is that cheating? I don't think so. Of course, I'm from Chicago.

    Vote early and often.

    You rock.

    And that ecofont thing? Well, I don't think anyone dares to shoot holes in that idea.

    There are already holes in it!

    Get it? Ha. I amuse myself.

  2. I am going to download this if we ever get a working printer! I voted for you!

  3. This is clever. I don't think it's suitable for professional uses, but it would be fine for casual uses or draft copies.

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  4. Voted! What a Great and Innovative idea. This is one of those inventions that comes around too frequently.

    P.S. If I may vent. There is another issue that drives me crazy and wastes paper like crazy. Many people don't realize that there is a way to manually select the page they need to print out. Sometimes we search for an article, and many only need page 2 of 25 for our research, etc. So, what most people do is just automatically print "all". When they can simply print page 2 of 25. Doing so can reduce so much waste. You may have already touched on this issue. If so, thank you for letting me vent:)

  5. Wow! What a cool idea! Man, it's another one of those ideas that make me think "Why didn't I think of that?" I'm going to definately try it. Thanks for the link!

    You definately have my vote!!! Good luck!

  6. Woderfull idea,I will try it later,I dont intend so much inconvenince but I want to learn your idea about my enviroment write in my blog.Best wishes.

  7. What a great concept! Leave it to the Dutch -- makers of donuts -- to come up with something this simple yet elegant. Of course, I try not to print whenever possible; but, when I do, I will use the Ecofont from now on.

  8. Why not just select gray rather than black in printer options?

  9. Hey! This is a fantastic idea! I am going to try to get my work to use this font as we unfortunately use a lot paper.

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    Keep up the great work with your blog. I am really enjoying reading it.