Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Be Conscious With Your Garbage

Today's post comes from Green Living Tips:

When throwing away garbage, know what is recyclable, consumable, and able to be composted. Also, when you purchase food or other items, be conscious as to how much waste it will produce. Separate your garbage, and be aware of what is toxic and should be disposed of with specific care. For example:

• Start a compost heap for your food waste, but make sure you know what kinds of waste can be composted – human and animal waste and some kinds of food waste should not be put on a compost heap. You can then use your compost for a nutrient-rich fertilizer.

• Have different cans or containers for plastic, paper, and non-recyclable items to make recycling easier.

• Buy food in bulk to avoid excess packaging.

• Don't throw away toxic household waste, like paint, paint thinner, car oil, and the like; call your garbage service provider to see what should be done with these kinds of wastes.

• Avoid producing waste as much as possible by using reusable coffee cups, water bottles, pens, and razors.

By being conscious about the waste you produce, you can reduce your footprint on the environment.