Monday, August 11, 2008

Plastic Freezer Bags

I'm reasonably confident in saying that most plastic freezer bags are not environmentally friendly ... but ... as I've said in other posts, I believe in balance. There are times when nothing works better than a plastic freezer bag ... it conforms to any shape and can be shoved into those small freezer spaces. Our freezer is quite small so ... that's an appealing quality.

So how can I use these bags and still not trash the environment? My compromise is to reuse them. In the last two years, I've purchased one box of 35 bags ... that's it ... only one box. I'm careful with them and when they are empty, I wash them thoroughly, dry them and store them for the next time.

I am a vegetarian so, I don't have to contend with animal fat or blood. But with soap and water, even animal products can be washed out. Yes ... it's easier to just toss them in the trash but ... think of it as added exercise ... or turn it into a real "zen" moment.

The bags will eventually hit the recycle bin but ... not for awhile. Oh ... and an added benefit ... you'll save $$.

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