Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guest Post - Eco-Friendly Mattresses

When it comes to transforming our home into a green and more environmentally friendly place, a lot of us forget about the place where we spend one-third of our lives, our bedrooms, specifically our mattresses. The harsh reality is that most mattresses can be quite damaging to our environment. Also mattresses can actually be harmful to you as well.

For example the materials often used to make the adhesive that holds mattresses together is formaldehyde, and has been linked to asthma, allergies, and throat, lung and nose cancer. Mattresses flame-retardants can be full of chemicals. And finally mattresses often use synthetic or processed coverings, which are the parts closest to where you rest.

Saatva Eco-friendly mattresses.
Companies such as Saatva understand the huge threat that mattresses can be for the environment as well as for the consumer, and have been addressing it by putting great emphasis on our health and the environment.

Without stores, Saatva’s online-only business model makes their carbon footprint minimal when compared to their competitors. Their bio-based memory-foam layer is made with corn and soy, and their foams are never processed with formaldehyde. Their foams are also tested and certified to meet environmental, health, and safety standards. They use a natural thistle flame retardant and are able to meet flame retardant laws using an organic thistle barrier that is effective yet gentle on skin.

Saatva’s recycled steel inner springs are constructed with recycled and oven baked tempered steel to create the strongest and most durable mattresses while reducing waste. Their mattress coverings are also made from organic cotton, a healthier choice for your health and environment.

Before you go to bed tonight perhaps stop to think about how your mattress might be damaging our environment as well as your health, and consider an Eco-friendly company that has both the environment and our health in mind.

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