Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review - thinksport body care products & reusable bottle

I like taking surveys ... go figure. A question which often comes up is whether or not I believe a brand is "fun". I never quite understood that concept until I was introduced to thinksport.

The email I received, inviting me to collaborate with thinksport, was signed by their "Chief Thinker" ... that made me smile. I checked out the company and, deciding that their philosophy fit with mine, agreed to try some of their products.

I ALWAYS read labels. Thinksport labels list ingredients and even show the Environmental Working Group's (EWG) rating for each element along with a link to EWG's skin deep database so that we can check out their claims for ourselves. They include all the legal stuff and information about missing ingredients ... things like parabens, phthalates and harmful chemicals. So where's the fun part, you ask?

The shampoo label makes it clear that it won't help you solve Einstein's Theory of Relativity or ride your bike faster. It directs users to apply the product to "wet stinky head and body". After noting that the conditioner is only tested on humans, the user is encouraged to "go play". And, the skin lotion label points out that if we fail to use a lot, then it will take forever to buy more. Fun!

A humorous label is nice but how seriously do they take their mission statement to provide safe consumer products? In my opinion, they are committed to their goal. Their website states that they don't wait for a material to hit the headlines with negative press about safety before taking action. They are proactive in testing, learning and making changes before concerns are raised.

I received thinksport's After Sport Skin Lotion, Sport Shampoo & Body Wash, Conditioner and an Insulated Sports Bottle to review.

Thinksport After Sport Skin Lotion

The skin lotion has a light, citrus scent. It feels silky and absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy film. I used the lotion on my body, including my face, without any skin irritation. With ingredients like Aloe, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel, the lotion nourishes and repairs.

Thinksport Shampoo and Body Wash

I love the shampoo & body wash. As a shampoo it leaves my hair feeling clean. The grapefruit scent is refreshing. The product washes out completely leaving no residue ... just squeaky clean hair.

Thinksport Hair Conditioner

This conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft and looking shiny. A little goes a long ways so this product, in addition to being effective, is also worth the cost. True to the label's claim, I didn't become a super hero after use.

Thinksport Insulated Water Bottle

I received the 25 oz (750 ml) insulated water bottle to test. If you've never tried an insulated bottle, you are missing out. This double-walled stainless steel bottle keeps water cold for hours. It has a clever wire mesh filter so that ice doesn't escape when drinking (don't you hate it when you have to battle ice to get the water). It is sweat-free and the lightweight construction makes it easy to hold and carry. My bottle, the purple one, is beautiful.

By the way, this company also offers baby products such as safe bottles, nipples, shampoos and sunscreen. If you have little ones, check out Thinkbaby.

I recommend Thinksport. They are a dedicated company, taking our health and the planet's seriously. They are also fun!

I received products in order to write this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and reflect my honest opinion of the material reviewed.