Monday, June 3, 2013

Meet & Greet Monday (#MtaGt) - Creative Adventures

Welcome back to Meet & Greet Monday, a regular series designed to grow our green community.

Last week all Meet & Greet posts were removed from Reduce Footprints to ensure that your page ranks would not be affected by the linky. I have verified that the linky is "no follow" and has no adverse affect on ratings.

But ... it seemed like a good time to make a little change:

We have an updated banner ... it now points to a new Meet & Greet Page. The posts will be listed in chronological order making it easy to go back and revisit blogs.

Okay ... let's pick up where we left off ...

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When I ask people how they spread the "green" word, many people say that leading by example works best. Creative Adventures, by La Alicia, seems to epitomize that idea. This blog takes a gentle approach offering readers subtle encouragement. I love the Texture Tuesday photos which often show the beautiful textures found in nature. Recent trips to the Farmer's Market prompted Alicia to share recipes ... yummy dishes made with local, organic produce. Occasional posts, such as one about Fracking, take a serious look at important environmental issues. Scattered throughout this blog, one will find examples of Alicia's Eco-friendly art, beautiful pieces made from upcycled materials. I think that Brett from IAMTHELAB summed up her craft nicely by saying, "We see the mountains of junk mail and paper that pass through our lives on a daily basis, Alicia sees jewelry making gold." Creative Adventures is an inspiring blog ... it whispers to readers, asking that we pay attention ... to our actions and to the world around us. Click over and visit .... I think you'll find much to appreciate!

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