Monday, October 7, 2013

Meet & Greet Monday (#MtaGt) - The Daily Green

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Did you know that conventionally-grown, non-organic sweet potatoes are part of the "The Fab 14" or that 5-digit PLU codes beginning with 8 signify genetically modified produce? That information is part of Tips for saving money at the grocery store. In another post, 6 surprising symptoms of dehydration, I learned that craving sugar could point to dehydration. Our featured site this week, The Daily Green which is associated with Favor the Earth, is full of interesting content. Favor the Earth is a business selling organic and Eco-friendly products. One might expect their blog to be a "sales pitch" and while they do point to their sales page as a path to finding safe products, the focus is on education. For example, in an article entitled 5 ingredients to avoid in snacks carrageenan is mentioned because it can cause intestinal distress. The post ends with a promotional offer on snacks which are safe and healthy. In another piece, I learned that inexpensive clothing can come at a high environmental and humanitarian cost ... in 2005, two thousand garment workers died in work related fires and building collapses. Again, the author doesn't leave us shaking our heads, feeling powerless ... we are directed to a company producing ethical, made-in-the-US clothing. The Daily Green will open your eyes and give you the facts necessary to make good choices. Whether you are looking for planet-friendly products or information about green living, you'll find it on this blog.

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