Friday, October 11, 2013

Review - Sustainable Disposable Products by Eco-Products

I don't like single-use, disposable products and avoid them. That said, I also know that there are times when a reusable product isn't realistic.

For example, hosting a party, picnic or dinner for a large organization or business would mean buying reusable plates, utensils, glasses, etc. That would be expensive and then there's the problem of washing and storing the items.

Reusable plates and glasses, which are usually breakable, are not safe for pool parties. Sure, one can buy plastic products but plastic has problems of it's own.

Let's say you're hosting a family wedding, anniversary celebration or retirement party. Again, it might not be practical to supply reusable items.

While I'd love to live in a world devoid of disposables, the fact is that our society regularly uses them. Unless you stay at home and never venture out into the public sphere, you've probably been given a disposable item ... straws, carry-out boxes, napkins, etc.

Yes we avoid them ... yes we encourage others to avoid them ... we even contact stores and restaurants asking them to discontinue their use. But maybe we're looking at this in the wrong way. Maybe we need to investigate a disposable product made from earth-friendly, safe and sustainable materials ... a product which, after serving its purpose, can be composted.

The folks at Eco-Products are doing exactly that. They offer cups, cutlery, containers, plates, etc., made from renewable sugarcane (the GreenStripe product line) and products made from post-consumer recycled content (the BlueStripe line). They also offer other services like waste diversion consulting where they help clients make their business or event more sustainable.

The GreenStripe products are made from renewable plant materials, not petroleum. They are compostable in commercial facilities ... it's not recommended that they be composted in backyard bins because personal compost piles cannot generate enough heat to efficiently breakdown these products.

Products in the BlueStripe line can be recycled in most communities, with the exception of the hot cups which aren't recyclable.

At this point you might be thinking that they are better than traditional disposable products but still ... not perfect. You're right and Eco-Products understands that. They are committed to continually searching for new ways to make both their business practices and products more planet-friendly. Visit their Impact Assessment Page to read about how their products impact the environment. If you're interested in how their business (headquartered in Boulder, Colorado) impacts the environment, you'll find that informatiion HERE.

So now that you know who they are and what they sell, let's talk about product quality.

I received a box of samples which included just about everything they make.

The plates and bowls are sturdy and come in sizes to meet every need. I loaded them up with raw vegetables, juicy fruits and even used one as a cutting board. These are not your average paper plates ... they held up well.

The cups and containers also performed well ... no leaks, comfortable to hold and they come in various sizes.

The cutlery is strong ... I was able to cut vegetables and fruits with the knives.

Cutlery from Eco-Products

While I still encourage you to avoid single-use, disposable dinnerware and food containers, I believe that Eco-Products have a place in our world. If you are entertaining on a large scale, own a company or a restaurant, or require unbreakable, safe items, then these products might be for you. They are an earth-friendly option when "reusable" isn't appropriate.

Browse around the Eco-Products Store and let me know what you think.

I received samples from Eco-Products in order to write this review. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and reflect my honest opinion of the material reviewed.