Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet & Greet Monday (#MtaGt) - Go Green Academy

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This week's featured blog is one of my favorites: Go Green Academy. The first word that comes to my mind about this site is "Professional". The clean design and organized layout elicits a feeling of competence and lets me know that I'll find the information that I need. Mauro, a registered Professional Engineer and a LEED® accredited professional, owns and authors the site. With such credentials, one might expect to find articles that are technical and hard to read. Nothing could be further from the truth. Each well-written post is interesting and easy to understand. For example, in an article entitled Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy readers learn about two ways to install a solar system: 1) going completely off the grid or 2) staying tied to the main grid with an integrated system. It goes on to discuss Efficiency vs. Aesthetics and even offers a customized return on investment ... great information for anyone considering solar. Under the category Green Buildings, you'll find topics such as blown-in insulation, dual-flush toilets and vertical gardens in the work place. The category Lighting includes great information on all things lighting ... light bulbs, solar powered garden lights, LED stair lighting and even battery-powered LED lights. In addition to informative articles, Mauro shares some calculators with readers ... handy tools to determine energy costs associated with lighting, the refrigerator and solar. Whether you are interested in living green at home or in the office, Go Green Academy has something for you.

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