Monday, November 9, 2009

How To End Food Waste ...

Our current Change The World Wednesday challenge, which is still in effect and can be viewed HERE, asks us NOT to waste food. It seems easy enough but, as some of you may have already found out, we sometimes toss bits and bites of food without even thinking about it. There's the bit of food left on plates or the few leftover bites of last night's dinner ... or maybe there's the trimmed pieces of fruits and vegetables that we don't want included in the dish. They seem insignificant but ... if tossed, they add up to a lot of waste ... unnecessary waste because they can be used.

Today, as I was wandering around the Internet, I came across 50 Ways to Never Waste Food Again by Planet Green. They list some wonderful ways to eliminate food waste. For example, number 19 suggests that, rather than toss out watermelon rinds, we pickle them. Number 24 talks about the broken pieces of pasta in the bottom of the box and asks that we "collect them and mix with rice and veggies for a simple side dish". And number 41 offers a great way to freeze herbs for future use.

So my tip for today is easy ... head over to Planet Green and take a look at their suggestions. I'm sure you'll find some interesting ideas and additional ways to end food waste!

As always ... I would love to hear from you!


  1. In fact, this year was the first time I made watermelon rind preserves. It's incredibly tasty! You get lots of syrup (I use it to substitute maple syrup) and yummy chunks of rind, which are sweet and chewy.

  2. SF I didn't get round to doing CTWW last week, and I doubt I'll get one done this week. But I have made a progress report from a few challenges ago.


  3. That is amazing!! I'm really looking forward to checking out the link. We have a compost heap that helps with rinds. But I make an awful lot of frittatas with leftover veges. I know you guys are mostly vegan but leftover organic chicken carcasses are great for making home made stock... The opportunities for new recipes are endless.

  4. most excellent. i (duh) did not even think about throwing my veggie skins/trimmings into the freezer til I have enough to make broth - i was a dork and only doing it when i was on a mega veggie spree! that alone was worth the read.

    i froze some zucchini bread myself and am so happy - around my bday in january i'm going to thaw it out and be sooo happy :)

    curious though - i love homemade breadcrumbs but is there a way to store them without going moldy?


    Here's mine, using a bit of psychology to get kids to eat up.

  6. thanks for the link to planet green. I love finding out new ways to use up 'waste' in the kitchen.

    Hope everyone is having a great week with your challenge!

  7. Hi EcoGrrl,

    I love homemade breadcrumbs as well. Here's how I store them. First, I toast them in a dry frying pan ... this removes most of the moisture and brings out the flavor of the bread. Once they are toasted to my preference, I remove them from the heat and let them cool. Then I put them into an air-tight container which I keep in the freezer. With the moisture removed, they don't stick together and they don't mold.

    Thanks for asking the question!


  8. Thanks for voting for my son on facebook. I nominated your site for the Green Web award.

  9. Thanks for the great link! One tip I didn't see is to re-use the oil from jars of olives, artichoke hearts, etc. They make GREAT oil-and-vinegar dressing!!!

  10. Thanks Footprints!
    I love #19 about pickling watermelon rinds. I'm one of those guys that loves anything pickled, so when I was younger I used to make my mom pickle the rinds...which she thought was crazy! But to this day, I still request it! If she doesn't pickle it...I'd eat my watermelon down to the skin!!!

    Other things you can try to pickle are:
    -bean sprouts (YES Bean sprouts!)
    -green tomatoes
    -bruised or old Colliflower
    -left over apples (red or green,skin on, whole)
    -orange peel (a little bitter at first, but great!)

    Thanks for the link! Loved it!
    Hope you're well.