Monday, August 5, 2013

Meet & Greet Monday (#MtaGt) - The Greening of Westford

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Most of us live green because we care about the planet. Along the way, we might realize other, personal benefits. For example, we save money as we reduce consumption, our indoor air is better as we remove toxins, and we enjoy better nutrition by opting for local, organic foods. But what if we could live green and, in doing so, help local schools? The Greening of Westford's Kristina does exactly that. She is the founder of Upcycle It, a program which diverts non-recyclable items, like chip bags and granola bar wrappers, from landfills to a company called TerraCycle where they are turned into useable items. TerraCycle pays Upcycle It two cents per item (as well as all shipping costs). This money is then given to the Westford school system in the form of grants awarded for environmental programs. Wow ... save the environment, help schools financially and support environmental programs for the next generation. Win - Win - Win! The Greening of Westford also offers readers great information for our day to day lives. I found an article about using citrus peels to create an infused vinegar ... and another with 15 tips for "greening" our laundry. Whether you're interested in taking your green living activities to the next level or simply want great advice for your home, you'll find useful information at this blog.

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