Friday, August 30, 2013

Survey Results - Is It Too Late?

This month's survey addressed how we feel about the future ... whether we can reverse the negative impact of climate change or not. Let's look at the results:

Is it too late survey results chart.

  • If everyone was on board, ready and willing to make all the changes necessary today we might be able to reverse the destruction, but there are too many who aren't willing to give up the lifestyle they are accustomed to. That combined with how quickly the ice sheets are melting, which adds to the problem I believe it is too late.
  • It's been shown that it can be slowed considerably but not reversed, so my answer is a Yes, but not for reversal. Political action is tremendously important to change laws and make larger impacts, but what we do individually does add up.
  • Feedback effects amplify the consequences of every pound of CO2 we emit - or don't emit! Every pound makes a difference.
  • No, not reversed but kept at a liveable level

What can we draw from these responses?

While there weren't many participants, I believe that the answers represent the general feeling about the future and climate change. We are torn with some believing we can make a difference and others believing that we've walked too far down the destructive path.

Here's what I find interesting ...

Since most of the people visiting Reduce Footprints, and therefore answering the survey, are "greenies", I have to ask myself why those folks who think it's too late still live in an Eco-friendly way. What motivates us to continue on in the face of such dire predictions?

Caring for our environment is more than the future. Yes, we all would like to leave this world in good shape ... it would be a fine and noble legacy. But we also care about today ... about living the best life we can live ... about caring for the earth and living with respect.

We hope that our actions will make a difference for tomorrow ... we know that they make a difference today.

And we continue on ... we do the right thing, we encourage others to do the right thing, we ask our officials to do the right thing ... and we hope for the best.